Until this morning my Workflow was:
  • write on paper with pencil
  • copy into Sibelius
  • Export audio to .aiff
  • use Audacity to Epxort .aiff to .mp3
  • upload to web for Previewing or e-mail etc

NOW I’m usubg Rewire by using Sibelius with ProTools and achieving a MUCH better audio quality and loads more features. Why didn’t I do this ages ago!?

2 - Badbury Rings

Last night I finished writing Badbury Rings, although today I have started tweaking the piece to make a softer ending. When I played the piece to Liz for the first time, she was quite upset, as I was also, because as she said, “they all die at the end”. So after a nights sleep I have softened the end to make it less frightening.

The Band of the West Midlands Fire Service

I’m grateful to receive a commission to write a piece for this splendid band.