Hambledon Hill
Hambledon Hill: click here to see location on Google Maps

Walks and Views In Dorset for Symphonic Wind Band are a series of pieces written by John Wesley Barker which draw their inspiration from places we have grown to know and love. We hope to share the feelings for these places through music. The pieces are dedicated to Liz, my wife and companion in this journey through life, places and music.
  1. Houns-tout - I have found little to help me understand the name of this location which affords one of the finest views of the south coast on the Isle Of Purbeck.
  2. Badbury Rings - The ancient hillfort comprising at least three large concentric mounds
  3. Dancing Ledge - a disused quarry and magnet for cliff climbers
Due for completion in March 2010

Flash Player Previews:

1. Houns-tout : extract - opening 2 minutes
2. Badbury Rings :
3. Dancing Ledge :