eccho ring : an epithalamion

Prelude - Song - Amen

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photo: The organ loft & font, St Peter's Church, Walton On The Hill, Surrey

My father, John Wesley Barker Snr, Director Of Music, Nelson Cathedral, NZ
once played this organ and I was baptized at this font.

Organ Loft, St Peters Walton On The Hill

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eccho ring written for the wedding of Clare & John 17th April 1999 in Macclesfield. Performed by Clare's 3 sisters, Katie, Pip and Lis singing with impeccable blend during the signing of the register. In three sections titled Prelude - Song - Amen. The title, eccho ring is taken from Epithalamion by Edmund Spencer. For the moment, e-mail me to request a score of the version with voices. Publication of this version is limited.
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eccho ring for organ only. Recorded by Kemp English on Stomin' Norma 2, released 1st December 2005, New Zealand. Visit Marbecks to view and purchase the CD.

From a review by Barry Brinson in Organ News
a 20th Century gem which particularly appealed - Eccho Ring by John Wesley Barker - incidentally, the son of the present director of music at the Nelson Cathedral. J.W.B jnr, is domiciled in the UK and active as a composer and performer. Word of warning - make sure the bass boost on your stereo system is in the "off" position



eccho ring is also available in versions for solo harp and solo piano. The original version is not available to the public as only one performance was intended. Soon after the wedding we attempted a recording in The Oratory, Birmingham with the voices beneath the dome, but my organ playing was too unprepared and the recording was abandoned leaving only extended takes. My sister Helen and her husband Kemp English sent me the Stormin' Norma 2 CD as a surprise birthday present soon after the public release in New Zealand followed by a Review in Organ News.

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